A lightweight truck camper capri cowboy standing on a snow-covered road

Lightweight Truck Campers With Full Amenities

If you prefer long offroad trips on rough terrain and mountains and want an easy-to-go camping solution, then you should consider investing in a lightweight truck camper. The best lightweight truck campers are designed to be hauled by light-duty pickup trucks, which makes them ideal for those who want to travel long distances without worrying about their vehicle’s weight.

They come with plenty of benefits, such as increased fuel efficiency, more interior space than traditional RVs, and the ability to navigate difficult terrain. They also offer great value for money, as they are typically much cheaper than larger RVs. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that these campers are becoming an increasingly popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

What Is A Lightweight Truck Camper?

The truck camper, which can be easily towed by a half-ton or three-quarter-ton pick-up truck, has a dry weight of around 2000 lbs.

The term “lightweight” refers to the fact that these campers are constructed with materials and features that make them as light as possible while still providing necessary amenities for comfortable camping.


These campers offer many advantages. 

  • These vehicles are more fuel-efficient and economical, require less maintenance, and can handle off-road terrain with ease.
  •  They also provide great flexibility in terms of cargo capacity and towing capabilities.  
  • They are perfect for those who need the functionality of a truck without the bulk or weight of a full-sized model.

Our Top 13 Picks:

Our expert team has researched and updated a list of top 13 truck campers that are available in 2024 for your lightweight truck camping experience.

We’ve done extensive research to narrow down our list to only include campers with, ultralight, high-quality features, durability, and value for money. From luxury models with all the comforts and conveniences you could ask for, to off-road-ready models designed for adventure and exploration, to budget-friendly options, there is something for everyone here! 

Read on to find out more about these amazing campers for your truck and what makes them some of the best lightest truck campers in the market, and find out what best suits your needs!

Here Are Our Top 13 Picks

  1. Cirrus 620
  2. Hawk Fourwheel Pop-Up Truck Camper
  3. Alaskan 7 Cabover
  4. Scout Kenai
  5. Northstar liberty
  6. Phoenix Mini Max Pop-Up
  7. Four-wheel Camper Flat Bed Hawk
  8. Hallmark UTE 8.5
  9. Outfitter Apex 8
  10. Capri Retreat
  11. Capri Cowboy (for long bed)
  12. Palomino Backpack HS 750
  13. Supertramp Campers Flagship LT

1. Cirrus 620

Cirrus 620 on a ford truck as one of best lightweight truck campers in 2024
  • Base Dry Weight is 1593 lbs
  • Price is
  • Total length is 12′ 8″
  • Total width is 8′ 2″
  • Total height is 8′ 2″
  • The bed is 60″ by 76″
  • Dinnette converted into a bed is 30″ by 77″
  • The interior height is 76″
  • The fresh water capacity is 17 gallons
  • The black water capacity is 5 gallons
  • The gray water capacity is 13 gallons
  • The center of gravity is 24.75″
  • The Refrigerator is 4.6 cu ft.
  • A Cassettee Toilet

The nuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper is a half-ton truck-compatible camping solution in a small package. It’s ideal for adventurous travelers because it has a well-equipped kitchenette, a cozy queen-size bed with a stargazer window, a real front door, and a versatile dinette for additional sleeping space. The nuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper stands out as one of the rare half-ton truck campers offering this spacious sleeping option.
The 5-gallon cassette toilet is practical, and the Amish-crafted wooden cabinets offer plenty of storage and keep the living space tidy.

The Cirrus 620 camper offers a compact size suitable for smaller trucks, with a DIY-friendly approach for fixing issues. It avoids the need for modifications like airbags and retaining functionality like tailgate use and camera operation. However, users report problems like battery drain, quality issues with doors and propane leaks, and limited size options compared to larger models like the 820.

2. Hawk Four-Wheel Pop-Up Truck Camper:

Hawk four wheel pop up truck camper, the best lightweight truck camper in color blue
  • The base model dry weight is 1100 lbs
  • The price is $25625 only
  • Exterior height including vent in most trucks is 61″
  • The interior headroom when popped up is 6’6″
  • Cabover queen bed (64″by 77″) with the option of a king bed (78″by77″)
  • Sleeping capacity is 3-4 adults
  • The roof length is 128″
  • The floor length is 80″
  • Body width is 80″
  • Fresh water capacity is 20 gallons.

My personal favorite and widely considered for 1/2 ton trucks available on the market today Hawk Four Wheel Pop-up truck camper only weighs around 1100 pounds, which means it can be easily towed by most trucks and SUVs.

It features a pop-up design which means it can folded down for easy transportation and storage. The camper also features a compact and ergonomic design, which means that it takes up minimal space and provides maximum comfort.

This pop-up model is well-designed and equipped with all the amenities of a comfortable camping experience. It features a comfortable bed, a kitchenette with a sink, a refrigerator, and a propane stove.

Its dinette can be converted into a bed providing additional sleeping space for two. The bathroom has a toilet, shower, and sink, making it more comfortable.

The best part is that the camper is affordable and offers great value for its price. So, If you want a high-quality not-so-heavy camper without breaking the bank, then go for this masterpiece.

3. Alaskan 7 Cabover:

Alaskan 7 cabover
  • The dry weight is just 1568 lbs.
  • Wet weight is just 1816 lbs.
  • The price is $38,190 only
  • Floor length is 7 ft
  • Fresh water is 27 Gallons.
  • Water heater 4 gallons

The Alaskan 7 Cabover is a highly regarded truck camper that has gained a reputation as one of the best light weight truck camper options in the market. It is specially engineered to deliver comfort and versatility.

Weighting in at just around 1500 pounds, it is still incredibly robust and able to withstand even the harshest environments.

It offers all the amenities of a home, with a full-sized bed, compact kitchenette with sink, and refrigerator, and a bathroom with shower and toilette. It particularly offers ample storage space and a living area that can be transformed into a dinette.

It is highly versatile, with a number of options to customize the camper to your specific needs. From extra storage to solar panels and even an optional roof to the tent, the camper is tailored to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast.

Last but not least, is its affordability. It provides all the comforts of home at a fraction of the cost, making it an ideal choice for a comfortable and memorable outdoor experience.

4. Scout Kenai :

Scout kenai truck camper
  • Dry weight: 1265 lbs.
  • The starting price is $26990
  • Interior height is
  • Exterior height is 83″ (w/o optional rooftop tent)
  • Exterior width is 83″ (w/o optional owing)
  • Exterior length is 145.5″
  • The bed is 52″by80″
  • Dinette convertible into sleeper is 22.25″by63.5″, 18.5″by67.25″
  • Sleeping capacity is 5-6 Adult
  • Fresh water capacity is 4.9 Gallons+

Scout Truck Camper is a renowned brand for the best ultralight truck campers in the market. All of their campers are agile, durable, and energy efficient. Our top pick amongst the scout campers is the Kenai. Scout Kenai focuses on modern comforts and practically, this model is ideal for those who want to explore without limits.

Despite being fully furnished and spacious enough to sleep 4 to 6 people, it remains true to its minimalist, easy-to-move, and off-grid-capable values. Weighing only 1265lbs. and built for full-sized and long bed trucks, Kenai is one of the lightest hard-wall campers available.

It boasts a perfect balance of strength and sustainability, with reinforced aluminum framing composite hard walls, and high density. Its polyurethane foam insulation makes it a four-season lightweight camper.

Energy-efficient features and minimalist design keep your travels eco-friendly and simple. Kenai also includes modern amenities like a cassette toilet, a larger bed, and ample storage options, making it the best camper for 1/2-ton trucks.

5. Northstar Liberty (2023) For Short Beds:

North Star Liberty camper shell - the best short bed truck camper
  • The dry weight is just 1775 lbs.
  • The price is $ 31995 only
  • Interior height is 6’4″
  • Exterior height is 8′
  • Overall length is 14’5″
  • The floor length is 7′
  • Queen-sized bed is 60″ by 80″
  • Fresh water capacity is 20 Gallons
  • The grey water tank is 13 Gallons
  • Cassette fresh water is 4 gallons and cassette black water is 5 gallons
  • The Centre of gravity is 24″ from the lower front wall

Northstar Liberty truck camper is a top-of-the-line option for truck owners with ultra-short beds (5’6″ to 5’10”) or standard short beds (6’4″ to 6’10”). With its featherweight construction, compact size, and full range of standard features, the Liberty is an excellent choice for those who want a comfortable camping experience on the road.

One of the defining features of Northstar Liberty, is its compact size without compromising the standard features of the larger Laredo SC, making it easier to maneuver and store when not in use.

Its interior is both spacious and well-appointed. The camper features a full kitchen with a sink, two-burner stove, and refrigerator. North/South extended cab over with queen-sized bed (60″by 80″), insulated windows, water heater, cassette toilet, and interior/exterior shower are some of the standard features.

It is also equipped with a number of optional upgrades including an awning, solar panels, and an outdoor shower to extend your camping season and enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.

6. Phoenix Mini Max Pop-Up Truck Camper

Phoenixmini max the in color blue
  • Dry weight is around 1210 lbs.
  • Wet weight is 1420 lbs.
  • Prized at $ 37,000. only
  • The floor length is 72.5″
  • The overall length is 12′
  • Interior height is 6’3″ top up and 5’4″ top-down
  • Queen queen-sized bed is 5″ with a lucid mattress
  • Dinette is 6.5 feet (Convertible into Bed)
  • Sleeping capacity is 3-4
  • The center of gravity is 18″ from the front wall
  • Total fresh water capacity is 21 Gallons
  • The grey tank is 7 gallons

The Phoenix Mini Max Pop-Up Truck Camper is a top choice for those seeking an agile and fully equipped camper. Weighing only 1420 pounds, the camper can be customized to fit any truck size and payload weight. Yes! you can simply order Phoenix Mini Max for any truck model you have and this is the most amazing part.

It boasts a fully contained design with a standard 1.9 cubic foot refrigerator, comfortable sleeping area, compact kitchen, and ample storage.

The Mini Max is priced at $37,000, but for those in search of a quality and durable camper, it is worth the investment. So, order your compact, and customized design and start making memories.

7. Hawk Four-Wheel Flatbed Model:

Hawk four wheel flat bed
  • Base dry weight is 1325 lbs.
  • Starting at $36995 only
  • Height down (Including vent) is 60″
  • Interior headroom (Popped-Up) is 6’6″
  • Body width is 81″
  • The roof length is 140″
  • The floor length is 80″
  • The Cabover bed is Std. queen 72″ by 77″ (Opt. King 83″by77″)
  • The rear dinette converted into a bed is 31″ by 77″
  • Sleeping capacity is 3–4 adults
  • Fresh water capacity is 20 gallons
  • Propane capacity is 2 (2.5 gallons)

It is designed for full-bed trucks sized from 6′ to 6’8″ giving you plenty of room to carry all of your gear. For this camper, you just need to have a flatbed tray installed.

Hawk Fourwheel is designed to be light and efficient, making it a great choice for truck owners who want to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce driver strain. Thanks to its not-so-heavy aluminum frame and low-profile design.

The one-piece aluminum waterproof roof makes it durable and long-lasting despite being featherweight. Build your own according to your budget.

8. Outfitter Apex 8 :

Apex 8 outfitter truck bed camper loaded on a red truck
  • The base model dry weight is 2130 lbs.
  • The price is $44995 only.
  • The total length is 185″
  • Interior height is 81″
  • Sleeping capacity is 4
  • The overall width with jacks is 87 1/2′
  • The floor length is 97″
  • Under-bunk storage is 11″
  • Queen-sized cab over bed
  • The freshwater tank is 44 gallons
  • Black water tanks and grey tanks are 16-gallon

The Apex 8 Truck Camper is a top choice for anyone in need of a low-weight and versatile camping solution. The camper is designed for 3/4 ton or one-ton short bed trucks (CHEV/GMC 2500/3500, FORD F-250/F-350, RAM 2500/3500, ETC)

Its composite form core body and roof, electric roof lift, insulated weblog software, and fully heated basement, make it a standout option for truck camper enthusiasts. The electric roof lift system is another convenient feature. The LPG and Carbon-monoxide detector provides an added layer of safety.

The interior is well-appointed with a comfortable living space, as we personally spend an hour inside the camper. The camper is equipped with 3.cu.ft. refrigerator, a 3-burner cooktop, and a north-south queen-sized cab over the bed, ensuring that there is plenty of space for cooking, sleeping, and storage. Moreover, the interior toilet and shower (Marine-grade Porcelain Toilet), allow campers to enjoy all the comforts of home while on the road.

9. Capri Camper Retreat (Short Bed)

YouTube video
  • The dry base weight is 1100 lbs.
  • The dry weight loaded is 1690 lbs.
  • The price is $16995 only
  • The floor length is 7′
  • The Cabover sleeper is 60″by80″
  • The overall length is 12′
  • Width is 7′
  • Interior height is 6’4″
  • The width is 82″
  • The Centre of gravity is 25.5″
  • Fresh water is 30 gallons
  • The water heater is 4 gallons
  • The propane tank is 20 lbs.

Capri Camper” itself is famous as the weightless truck camper brand. Capri Retreat for short-bed trucks is a perfect option for you to consider if you are looking for compact truck camper options without compromising on space and comfort.

It features a cab over sleeper with a heavy foam mattress, a new electric system, a motorized vent fan, spacious cabinets, a fully adjustable lagun table system, LP gas, and combination CO & smoke alarm, and many other customizable options with or without extra payment.

Hence, with such a weightless construction and highly reasonable price, Capri Retreat is no less than a blessing.

10. Capri Cowboy (Long Bed Truck Camper)

A lightweight truck camper capri cowboy standing on a snow-covered road
  • The dry base weight is 800 lbs.
  • The dry weight loaded is 1300 lbs.
  • The price is $11995 only
  • Floor length 8’5″
  • Overall length is 8’5″
  • Width is 7″0″
  • Interior height is 5′
  • Exterior height is 65″
  • The Centre of Gravity is 38″
  • Fresh water capacity is 16 Gallons
  • The water heater is 4 Gallons
  • Propane tank is 20lbs. (optional)

If you are looking for an extremely affordable solution for your upcoming adventure, Capri Cowboy is the best truck camper to buy for a couple with a small kid.

It’s a hard-side, non-slide, long-bed truck camper ideal for those who enjoy the simplicity of showering under the stars, as this camper has only an outdoor shower facility. So, for those who prefer indoor showers, this may not be an ideal camper for their needs.

This is highly spacious with a well-designed floor plan and handy for a small family trip with no compromise on the quality.

11. Hallmark UTE 8.5

hallmark ute camper on a black pick up standing on a road with one man sitting inside
  • Base weight is 1643 lbs.
  • The price is $58995
  • Queen-sized bed 60″by 80″
  • Dinette bed is 39″by67″
  • Sleeping capacity: 4-5 adults
  • The floor length is 102″
  • The overall length is 168″
  • Interior height is 80″ popped-up and 60″ popped-down
  • Exterior height is 84″ popped-up and 64″ pooped-down
  • The width is 83″
  • The Centre of gravity is 37″
  • Fresh water capacity is 30 Gallons
  • Grey water is 12 gallons and black water is 14 gallons

Hallmark UTE is one of the one of the best in the market today. It’s compact size and 8.5-foot length makes it ideal for a long or standard-bed full-sized truck. It is also available in flatbed models.

All their campers come with molded fiberglass composite exterior frames and roofs offering superior durability. Customers can choose interior cabinetry support material and their own interior fabrics.

Standard features include maintenance-free roofs, manual crack roof lift mechanisms, DSI water heaters, and more.

Available option includes a solar panel, awnings, cooktops, and more. All Hallmark truck campers come with a five-year structural warranty.

Customers can create their ideal camper, choosing the features and options that best suit their needs and preferences.

12. Palomino Backpack HS750

YouTube video
  • Ship Weight is 1870 lbs.
  • Price is $33,700
  • The queen bed is 66″by75″
  • Sofa is 60″by22″
  • Sleeping capacity is 3-4 Adults
  • Exterior height is 7’11”
  • Interior height is 6’6″
  • The exterior length is 16’5″
  • The exterior width is 86″
  • Floor Length is 8,2″
  • The center of gravity is 27″
  • The freshwater tank is 21 gallons
  • Black water is 8 gallons and gray water is 8 gallons
  • LP tank capacity is 20lb.

Palomino Backpack HS750 is always is certainly a well-equipped and high-quality truck camper with a focus on weightless construction, convenience, and comfort.

The camper has a durable aluminum frame, and hardwood cabinets, with ball-bearing drawer guides. It is pre-wired for electric jacks and includes a Maxx Air vent, an on-demand water heater, and a hot /cold outside shower. The exterior is finished in a sleek, hi-gloss fiberglass finish.

The camper is on sale now at just $28,470 at Palominosource.com

13. Supertramp Campers Flagship LT:

back view of Supertramp camper flagship LT on a road in autum with hanging bicycle and a girl driving
  • Weight is 1250 lbs
  • The starting Price is $59,975
  • Queen-size bed, 4″ mattress, 36″ headroom.
  • L-shaped couch with storage compartment
  • Sleeping capacity is 4-5 adults
  • Lagun table is 9″by23″
  • Standing height is 6,9″
  • The floor plan is 82″
  • Isotherm fridge is 65 liter
  • The freshwater tank is 24 gallons
  • The grey water tank is 5 gallons
  • Two propane tanks are 11 lb
  • Portable cassette toilet
  • For the exterior shower 10’ hose and nozzle
  • Paint color options to choose from are Battleship Grey, Forest Green, or Sand Dune Tan.

For choosers, who are picky about the colors and design Supertramp Campers is an emerging lightweight truck camper with a range of eye-catching colors available for exterior as well as interiors.
I like that Supertramp offers lots of different colors for their products, and they keep adding even more. Some other brands only give you one color option. Supertramp has two basic color palettes to start with, warm and cool. In each of these palettes, you get to choose from four different colors for the seat cushions. Plus, they’re adding even more colors now.

They focus more on quality than quantity, that’s why they only manufacture 6 campers per month and you have to reserve your camper months before.

Moreover, the camper is highly spacious with a low-profile design with all the amenities for a comfortable long-term adventure. Its high-quality heating system makes it equally perfect for winter camping.

The keyless entry system and 10-second power lift popup roof are its unique modern design features.

How To Choose A Best Lightweight Truck Camper?

Anyone can make a lighter truck camper by eliminating the necessities needed for long outdoor adventures. But the best light-weight truck camper is one loaded with all the amenities, including a kitchenette, necessary toilet, shower, sleeping platform, dining area, heater, refrigerator, solar and electrical systems, etc. but still easy to carry on a light-duty pickup truck.

These truck campers come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share the same goal: to provide you with “all the amenities of home” while still keeping it easy to maneuver. They can easily be loaded on a half-ton truck like the Ford F-150, Ram 1500, or Chevrolet Silverado.

Before purchasing a truck camper, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Compatibility: First of all make sure your camper is compatible with your truck bed.
  2. Weight: Find the weight of the camper and make sure it is within your truck’s carrying capacity.
  3. Floor Plan: Choose the floor plan according to your needs and preferences. Make sure it’s in the right balance of kitchen, toilet, dinette, and sleeping areas.
  4. Materials: Prefer campers made from strong and long-lasting material.
  5. Amenities: choose the camper with your preferred amenities.
  6. Budget: Choose the best lightweight camper within your price range.
  7. Brand: Researching the brand before buying will help with quality satisfaction.

Conclusion :

The best lightweight truck camper choice is subjective and based on individuals’ needs. Some factors that might influence this determination are personal preferences, like budget, truck compatibility, and personal choices in terms of comfort, amenities, level of luxury and weight, space, and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Can a 1/2-ton truck carry a camper?

Yes, a 1/2 ton truck can carry many lightweight truck campers available in the market weighing under 2000 lbs.

3. Can a 1500 carry a truck camper?

A 1500 truck can carry a truck camper if the preload capacity of the truck is greater than the campers’ fully loaded weight. The Supertramp Camper Flagship Lt is an example.

4. Who makes the best quality truck campers?

Northstar, Lance, Fourwheel, Adventurer, Hawk, and Palomino make the best quality truck campers.

5. Which is the lightest truck camper of 2024?

Cirrus 620 is the lightest truck camper with a dry weight of only 1,593 lb

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