back pack palomino 2902 best truck camper

Best Truck Camper To Buy

When it comes to mobility, versatility, and drivability, you really can’t go wrong with choosing the best truck camper. There’s no need to buy an additional RV or caravan, your truck can convert to a mobile home and back.

Your next adventure traveling is a mini life so it must be beautiful. Increased demands are imposed on the care during the trip. It should be easy to control at cruising speed. It should have comfortable seats along with a spacious trunk, comfortable suspension, and a high power reserve for confident overtaking, as well as to be safe and reliable.

Here, we are going to introduce you to the 10 best truck campers in the market. But first, take a look at our top 3 picks based on our personal experience.

Our Top 3 Picks :

CamperDesigned ByPriceLocationWeightSpecialty
AZAR4AZAR4 contact for priceGdansk, Poland772lb’ / 250 kgLight weight,
Aerodynamic styling
Baja Runner Hawk Mule Expedition Outfitters$28995/ 24130€Issaquah, WA / Tualatin , OR, U.S.A1,325 lb. /601 kgManaged center of gravity, handle the stresses of going off-road or overland.
Ozcape OptimaOzcape $60132(USD) / 77,500(AUD)Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia790 kg – 885kg
Detachable Camper,
Wind Noise Proof

What Is A Truck Camper?

A truck camper is a mobile living unit mounted on a pick-up truck. The best is the one that is efficient and spacious providing comfort and convenience on outdoor adventures, featuring sturdy construction, innovative design, and essential amenities.

10 Best Truck Bed Campers :

Camping for 10 years and having a deep eye on different truck campers we have short-listed 10 best truck campers that you must consider if are also a camping lover like us. Have a look into the specifications and reasons why most camping enthusiasts love them.


Bigfoot 1500 best truck camper to buy

It’s incredible to think just how much dead space there is hanging in and above your truck bed.  The Bigfoot 1500 series of truck bed campers are incredibly high quality and remain lightweight despite sturdy construction materials, and the inclusion of a whole bunch of creature comforts makes it one of the top truck campers you should buy.

Going over bumps and potholes in the road at 60 miles an hour doesn’t phase it one bit—it’s rock solid.

Unlike many truck bed campers, the addition of a dry bathroom and toilet is most welcome; it’s nice not having to go outside. The factory mattress is an innerspring queen size which makes for restful sleep.

It’s loaded with goodies like a 6-cubic-foot fridge, air conditioning, two solar panels, a propane-powered Kohler generator, as well as a full kitchen including a three-burner range, oven, and microwave, and you get some serious bang.

Interior of best truck camper Bigfoot 1500 series
DesignBigfoot RV
LocationArmstrong, BC, Canada 
Price$33,000(USD) / 40,605(CAD) 
Unladen Weight2061lb /935kg
Width 7’12”/ 2.41m 
Interior Height6’5”/1.95m
MaterialFiberglass and Aluminum
Features32 Gal / 122 L Fresh Water Tank 
Solar Energy Option,
LCD TV Option,
Rear View Camera System
Pros Cons
1. Their bed are short. They are 74 inches long. If you are tall, then it will be a con for you to have your feet hanging over the edge.
2. no blinds for the back window.
3. It has only one solar panel.
1. Their bed are short. They are 74 inches long. If you are tall, then it will be a con for you to have your feet hanging over the edge.
2. no blinds for the back window.
3. It has only one solar panel.


2. Phoenix Pop-Up Slide-In :

phoenix slide-in best truck camper in pop up side

The first best popup truck camper on our list is the Phoenix pop-up slide-in. It is perfect for those looking to better their gas mileage or who don’t want the added weight of a solid construction camper on the back of the truck, hence it has a popup roof.

The first thing you notice is that the queen bed takes up around half of the campers’ footprint  – there is plenty of room in the skinny end of the camper that sits over the roof of your rig .

There is a dining area that can seat 4 adults pretty comfortably, as well as a stove and wet shower/bathroom the area. With the top fully erected, there’s enough headroom to cook and walk around inside without bumping your head – which is nice.

The roof is made of polycarbonate fiberglass with rooftop racking robust enough to house kayaks, surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and mountain bikes. Or anything else needed for the avid outdoor adventure to go out exploring. 

You can build customized truck camper at their official website.

Designed ByPhoenix Pop-Up Campers 
Location Commerce City Co , U.S.A
Price(varies on design ) 
$20,000, $30,000  / 16,646€ 24,969€
MaterialFiberglass and Aluminum
FeaturesQuality Sheet Vinyl Flooring ,
Individual Sink and stove,
20 fallen fresh water tank,
175 W Solar Power System 

Pros Cons
1. good sized food preparation area unlike other small campers
2. Charge controller for the solar is a big plus.
3. Great for small pickup
4. Focus on building custom orders.
5. Build your customized camper.
1. Small Fridge

3. Alaskan 6.5 Cabover :

Alaskan best truck camper exterior

Fabric sidewalls on pop-top campers tend to wear and sometimes tear after a few years of solid use. At no.8 on our list, The Alaskan 6.5 Cabover uses a unique design exclusively patented to them to avoid this whole issue, ranking itself as one of the best.

The camper is made up of two solid walls that raise up and lower down telescopically within one another. This is done via a built-in hydraulic mechanism, which means you don’t have to push the roof up awkwardly while half crouched down inside the camper. Hit the switch, stand back, and let it do its thing.

The Super sleek profile of the Alaskan prevents wind noise from entering the cabin – which can be annoying on other truck bed camper models.

Despite being so compact, it’s still packed with all the additional features you’d want in a modern-day camper, including a furnace, fridge, solar power system, and water heater.

The Cabover contains ample cabinets and storage space .

The upper inner walls stay perfectly clean after long travel days. We have done several cross country 7+ miles trips with no dirt ingress.

DesignAlaskan Campers
Location Winlock , WA , U.S.A 
PricePrice (MSRP) : $34499 / 28,713€ 
Wet Weight1550lb / 703kg
Unladed Weight 1390lb / 630 kg 
Interior Height 6’3 / 1.9 m 
Features15 gal fresh water tank, 
90 W Portable Solar panel option, 
170 W ZAMP Solar Panel w/Control, 
Solid Hand-Sanded Maple Trim, 
Stove Sink and Refrigerator.


Pros Cons
1. Extremely well handcrafted camper.
2. Their custom tailoring will give you a finished product that fits your need.
3. Wind noise reduction
4. Less Expensive
1. Windows are single-pane and non-insulated. So, not best for winter camping.

4. Backpack HS- 2902 :

back pack palomino 2902 best truck camper

One of the more significant entries on our list, the backpack HS- 2902 brings the glamper to a truck bed camper. It’s massive and could be the pick for you if you crave comfort when living away from home.

The big selling point is the pop-out breakfast nook which increases the camper’s footprint by extending out past the wall of the camper and freeing up quite a bit of internal floor space. This leaves room for a wet bathroom and a full kitchen complete with an oven cooktop microwave and a decent-sized fridge.

Because of its height, there is easily double the headroom in the queen-sized sleeping area. Enough room for an adult to comfortably sit up in the bed. The other standout of this truck camper is the absolute abundance of storage space throughout.

DesignPalomino /Forest River
LocationGoshen , IN , U.S.A
Price $25,995 – $33000 / 21,634€ -27464€
Unladen Weight3,261 lb. / 1479kg 
Length 18’4” / 5.6 m 
Width8’2” / 2.5 m
Height9’9” /2.97 m
Interior Height 6’8”/ 2.03m
Interior Floor Length9” / 2.74 m
MaterialAluminum and Fiberglass 

45gallonn fresh water tank 

, LED Interior Lightning

Water Heater,

100 W Solar Panel Option,
AC Option
Pros Cons
1. Nice bathroom vent
2. Sturdy bumper
3. Nice interior
1. If used, the floor cover in the shower may cause the floor to bust in the corner.
2. You may need to replace the roof after some years. (As per experience)
3. It is colder in the bunk area because of the windows.

5. Wolf Creek 840 :

wolf Creek 850 best truck camper

There is a place in the world for a no-nonsense non-slide hard-sided truck bed camper. At no. 6 on our list is the best small truck camper, Wolf Creek 840. Sometimes adding mechanisms just introduces points of failure into a design. So, keep it simple and keep it rigid.

It is built exceptionally well with aluminum framing, closed cell, foam insulation, and hot melt-controlled laminated walls, and floor. It’s a level of construction quality that does stand head and shoulders above its peers.

Everything is built with longevity in mind. The power connector is marine quality and something you’d find on a yacht. Likewise, the propane compartment is sealed, as are the battery compartment and water heater, to prevent water ingress.

The roof is noticeably bare which is a good thing. Since it holds additional panels and air conditioning unit, extra story tracks, and skylights, there is room enough for every other feature you’d want to install.

wolf creek 840 floor plan
Design  Northwood 
LocationLa Grande, OR, U.S.A 
Price$23,790 / 19,799€ 
Unladen weight1,992 lb./ 904kg
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONSLength: 16’ / 4.88 m 
Width : 8’ / 2.44 m 
Height : (w/AC) : 9’6”/ 2.9 m
INTERIOR DIMENSIONSInterior Floor Length : 8’6”/2.59 m
Interior Height: 6’6”/1.98m
FABRICATED MATERIALFiberglass and Aluminum


  1. 35 gallon fresh water tank 
  2. Designer Wood Grain Finish
  3. LED exterior lighting, 45 W solar panel option
Pros Cons
1. The interior decor and cabinetry is somewhat old-style1. The interior decor and cabinetry is somewhat old style

6. Cirrus 920 :

best truck camper 2023 cirrus 920

When you’re ready for a change of scenery, head out and enjoy your time away from home knowing that you’ll be staying in the comforts of this Cirrus 920 Truck Camper. This best lightweight truck camper represents a significant advancement in the truck camper market and is one of the best four-season truck campers.

It has made no compromises in terms of design from its modern radius residential cabinetry to its innovative construction with aluminum and kosha frame technology. The 920 stands out, thanks to its LDE hydronic central heat, hot water system, and industry-leading Ohio Amish quality craftsmanship at 2100 pounds.

The Cirrus 920 is an innovative, fully-featured 34-ton truck camper with many options. The Four Seasons Cirrus 920 truck camper is a must-have for outdoor adventurers we’re looking for. A luxurious truck camper with hard-side non-slidee design, the 920 is spacious and is one of the best short-bed truck campers.

LED lighting is found both inside and out, making it simple to complete any task from cooking indoors to cleaning your catch of the day. For your belongings, there is plenty of storage both inside and out and the tinted stargazer window and large picture windows allow a view of the outdoors to come inside making any trip in nature to be remembered for years.

door view of cirrus 920 one of the best truck camper2023
LocationSugar creek, OH
Price55250 $
Dry Weight3530 Ibs
Length18′ 11″
Height9′ 2″
Features38 gallon fresh water,
18 gallon black tank
Refrigerator, AC ,
220amp battery
Pros Cons
1. It has ducted heat that blows under the bed
2. Froli sleep system
1. Off-gassing is a problem with the NuCamp
2. Short dining table area and odd placement of microwave.

7. Lance Camper Altimeter :

Lance Camper Altimeter. best truck camper in snow

This is one for those who use their trucks the way they were intended to be used. going off-road and overland. The Lance camper Altimeter can handle bumpy terrain, written into its DNA.

If you’re taking this big Beastie out into the wild, it’s best to upgrade to 37 inches all-terrain tires all around and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a suspension and linkages upgrade instead either despite a heavy and robust construction designed to take a beating and go places, a truck bed camper just shouldn’t go. The inside actually feels like home.

I can’t express just how appreciative we are to have a wet bathroom and full kitchen when away from civilization. Heading 50-plus miles away from the nearest town center doesn’t mean you have to do without those creature comforts that you can bring home with you as well.

Hence, it is one of the best 4-season truck campers that can go anywhere.

Design  Lance RV Group 
LocationLancaster, CA, U.S.A 
Price$39,875 / 33,185€
Net Weight4000 lb. / 1359kg
Unladen weight2,997 lb. /1359kg 
Width: 8’/2.44m 
Height: 8’9”/2.67m
INTERIOR DIMENSIONSInterior Floor Length: 8’11” /2.72m 
Interior Height: 6,9” / 2.06m 
FABRICATED MATERIALFiberglass and Aluminum


30-gallon fresh water tank 

640 W Go Power Solar Power System

Pros Cons
1. Designed for adventure at any altitude 1. Water leaks and molds (as per experience)

8. Ozcape Optima :

YouTube video

There’s something very satisfying about a slide-off truck bed camper. In Australia, the trucks may not be as big but again, they don’t need to be. The Ozcape Optima is one of the top-rated camper designed to suit a smaller pickup like a Ford Ranger.

Yet once you get to your destination, hydraulic supports lower down to the ground, lift the camper off the tray, and support it during use leaving your vehicle free to go exploring without having a snail shell on the back. So, you can’t go wrong in listing it to be best truck camper to buy in 2024.

The Optima is perfect for those tired of towing around a full-sized caravan or a pop-up-style trailer but who also don’t want to fork out for a full-blown RV.

It may be a little cozy but there’s still plenty of room for a couple.

Design  Ozcape 
LocationBurleigh Heads, QLD, Australia
PRICE$60132(USD) / 77,500(AUD)
Unladen weight2,997 lb. /1359kg 
Width: 7’4”/2.75m 
Height: 9’/2.75m 
INTERIOR DIMENSIONSInterior Floor Length: /2.6 m
Interior Height: 6,9” / 2.06m 
FABRICATED MATERIALFiberglass and Aluminum


86 L Fresh Water Tank 

Air Conditioner

Entertainment System

Hot Water System


240V Lithium Deep Cycle Battery System

Pros Cons
Easy to put on and take off the camper Not suitable for every pickup

9. Baja Runner Hawk :

Mule baja runner hawk . the best truck camper

There aren’t many campers designed for flatbed use, but the Baja Runner Hawk makes the most of doing the way with the tub. It has one of the best modern truck camper design.

No high-sighted truck bed means a little more freedom in design and strategy. The hawk is a side entry, freeing up quite a bit of space in the process.

There’s no need for pop-up functionality as the queen bed kitchenette, dining area, and cassette toilet all fit in perfectly while still leaving a couple of square feet of standing room. But it does take advantage of a canvas pop-up roof that helps bring the center of gravity lower to the ground while traveling.

Being flatbed-mounted instead of sitting on a conventional trunk bed means this thing is solid as rock and can easily handle the stresses of going off-road or overland.

Design  Mule Expedition Outfitters
LocationIssaquah, WA / Tualatin , OR, U.S.A
PRICE$28995/ 24130€
Unladen weight1,325 lb. /601 kg
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONSLength: 11’8”/3.56m 
Width: 6’9”/ 2.06m 
INTERIOR DIMENSIONSInterior Floor Length : 6’8”/2.03m 
Interior Height: 6’6” / 1.98m 
FABRICATED MATERIALAluminum and Mesa Exterior Sliding


20 Gal Fresh Water Tank 

LED Interior and Exterior Lights 

160-watt roof-mounted option

Simple 12 V Camper Battery

10. Azar 4:

YouTube video

The most unconventional entry on our list, the European-made Azar4 uses aerodynamic styling to stand out from the crowd. A lightweight plywood frame is covered with a rounded monocoque fiberglass composite shell to give the capsule strength while keeping the load on the truck to a minimum. hence, making it at the top of truck campers.

Once again designed for smaller utilities like the Ford Ranger, the AZAR4 is built with off-roading in mind, but the danger of high winds also drove the design. Extremely high winds while traveling at speed can turn the side of a camper into a makeshift sail and blow you across the road by using aerodynamic styling.

Air drag is reduced which is safer while also keeping the fuel bill down. Although there is little extra room inside, you still get the same queen-size bed, 4 cedar kitchen areas, and wet bathroom like other campers Besides, you go camping to be outdoors, not sit inside your camper.

LocationGdansk , Poland
Pricecontact for price
Unladen Weight772 lb. / 350kg 
Width6’1” / 1.86m 
Height6’6”/ 2m 
Material Fiberglass and Plywood
Features60 or 130 L Fresh Water Tank 
Diesel Tank for heating 
150 W Solar Panels 
Electrical Control Panel
LED Interior and Exterior Lighting 
Pros Cons
1. Best Innovative Truck Bed Camper
2. The capsule give comfortable conditions to stay in temperatures from -40’C to 40’C
1. May not be easily available in US

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose The Truck Camper:

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced camper, our buying guide for the camper will help you with the important factors you must know before your purchase, so that you can find a comfortable and perfect match

Truck Camper Dry & Wet Weight

 When purchasing a truck camper for your midsize pickup, it’s crucial to consider the weight and payload capacity of your vehicle. All the truck campers are typically listed with a “base dry weight,” which is the weight of the camper in its basic configuration without optional equipment or fluids.

However, when you add accessories and options, the weight can increase significantly, potentially exceeding your vehicle’s payload capacity. To determine the final weight of the camper, some manufacturers provide weight calculators on their websites or dealerships may have the information.

If not, you may need to weigh the camper yourself. Additionally, be aware of the difference between dry weight (unfilled tanks) and wet weight (filled tanks), considering that each gallon of water weighs around 8.34 pounds.

Bathroom Options

 When considering a slide-in truck-bed camper, it’s common to wonder if they have bathrooms. While space limitations exist, restroom facilities are indeed possible in these campers.

The term “wet bath” refers to an enclosed area that combines the shower, toilet, and possibly a sink within a compact space. In most cases, the toilet is located within the shower area. Many campers typically feature wet baths due to their efficient use of limited space.

However, larger slide-in campers may offer a “dry bathroom,” which separates the shower, sink, and toilet into distinct areas, resembling a residential bathroom. Dry bathrooms provide more convenience but compromise interior space.

Storage Space

When buying a home on wheels, it’s important to consider the available storage space. Smaller campers usually have storage under the cabover bed, along the sides, and beneath the dinette seating or fold-down couches.

Some models offer dedicated shelved storage, and most have cabinets under the stove and sink. Large exterior storage is less common but can be found in some campers, along with roof racks for bulky items.

Look for campers with external storage compartments and consider options like built-in ports for utilizing unused truck bed space. Ensure you have enough storage for essentials, cookware, and adventure gear.

Slide-In Or Pop-Up

  When choosing a camper for your truck, there are two main types to consider: slide-in and pop-up. Slide-in campers are hard-sided boxes that slide into the bed of a pickup truck, while pop-up campers are collapsible and fixed into the bed.

Pop-up campers are generally lighter and offer better fuel economy. They have two modes: compressed while driving and fully opened for camping, providing maximum interior space. Some pop-up campers have manual openings, while others have electric motors for convenience.

Hard-sided campers have rigid walls and provide better insulation, making them suitable for cold-weather camping. They have a higher profile and are less aerodynamic but are easier to heat and cool.

Sleeping Orientation

 It’s essential to consider the orientation of the sleeping area. In the past, the east/west configuration was typical, where the sleeper would rest across the direction of travel.

However, with the popularity of extended and crew cab trucks, the north/south orientation has become more common. In the north/south setup, the sleeper lies parallel to the truck’s long axis, requiring a longer cabover area.

Most of them feature a full- or queen-size bed over the cab, and the orientation determines whether it’s considered north-south or east-west. While east-west is more prevalent, some campers offer flexibility with a bed extension, allowing sleepers to choose their preferred orientation.

Size Of The Truck Camper

The size is an essential factor that further depends upon two other factors, one is the space you want and the other is the size of your truck. 

Before purchasing a camper, ensure that it is compatible with your truck’s bed dimensions to ensure a proper fit. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the camper will fit securely and provide the necessary space you need.

The Camper Should Be Lightweight:

Always keep these two important factors in mind; weight and size of the camper in relation to your truck’s handling and maximum payload capacity.

A hard-walled slide-in camper is heavier and has a higher center of gravity, leading to poorer handling, especially in strong winds or when making turns. On the other hand, lower-profile pop-up units have less impact on the truck’s driving performance, both on and off-road.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

Additionally, you need to know your truck’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is the maximum allowed weight including cargo, fuel, and passengers. The truck’s curb weight (weight without cargo or passengers) and payload (GVWR minus curb weight) are crucial considerations.

Check the driver’s side door or glove box for payload ratings. Curb weight represents the vehicle’s total weight, while GVWR is the manufacturer’s weight limit.

Matching The Truck Payload to Camper’s Weight

It is crucial to match the payload capacity of your truck to the weight of the camper. Traditionally, half-ton trucks have a 1,000-pound payload, three-quarter-ton trucks are rated at 1,500 pounds, and one-ton trucks can carry 2,000 pounds.

However, it’s important to calculate your truck’s actual payload and ensure that the camper you choose falls within these limits. This ensures safe and efficient hauling of your camper without exceeding your truck’s capabilities.


Calculating Payload Capacity For Safe Hawling

To determine the payload capacity of your truck, subtract its curb weight from the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

For example, if your truck has a GVWR of 9,000 pounds and a curb weight of 6,000 pounds, the payload capacity would be 3,000 pounds (9,000 pounds – 6,000 pounds = 3,000 pounds). Keep in mind that campers weigh significantly more once loaded with water, gear, and cargo.

Factor in these additional weights to ensure your truck can safely haul the camper. Always stay well below your truck’s GVWR, and it’s recommended to use full-sized trucks for hauling truck campers.

Price :

Truck campers can range in price from under $10,000 for a good used model to over $80,000 for a new, high-end model. It’s important to determine your budget before shopping, considering that a well-made truck camper can provide long-term value.

Their Prices vary based on factors such as age, brand, model, and condition. Midrange truck campers offer desirable amenities such as optional bathrooms, showers, toilets, kitchen sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, cooktops, and comfortable bedding areas for the family.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Define truck camper.

    A truck camper is a type of recreational vehicle (RV) that is designed to be loaded onto and transported by a pickup truck. It provides living accommodations, such as a sleeping area, kitchenette, and bathroom, allowing for comfortable camping and travel experiences.

  2. How much is a good truck camper?

    A good truck camper costs from 18000$ to 60,000 US$

  3. Do truck campers hold their value?

    Truck campers with good quality always hold their value and can be used for more than 10 years.

  4. Can you live full time in a camper?

    A truck camper is a home on wheels with all the facilities needed. So, one can live full time in a truck camper and be closer to the nature.

  5. Can a 1/2-ton truck carry a camper?

    Some of the light-weight truck bed campers that can be carried by a 1/2 ton truck are,
    Lance 650
    Arctic Fox 811
    Palomino HS-8801
    Northstar 650SC

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