supertramp camper Megatron

Supertramp Campers MEGATRON

While Supertramp Campers never fails to bring up the highest quality in the truck camper industry. After its successful Flagship LT model, Supertramp has unveiled its new truck camper, Megatron.

Reservations of the new Supertramp Megatron have already been started through their official website. Anyone can book the new Megatron for only $10,000. Book it today.

new trunkey expedition by supertramp , on an adventurous trip of mountains

Partnership Overview:

Supertramp Campers has partnered with Elevation Off Grid and Liquid Spring to produce an exceptional turnkey expedition vehicle.

  1. Elevation Offgrid:
    • Elevation Off-Grid has great expertise in off-grid and expedition solutions.
  2. Liquid Spring:
    • Liquid Spring specializes in innovative suspension systems. The partnership ensures that the Megatron has advanced suspension technology, which is vital for off-road performance.

Supertramp Megatron Features:


The Supertramp Megatron is being constructed with popular vacuum-infused carbon fiber-reinforced shells for the most lightweight construction.

All the Amenities

The camper aimed to provide all the amenities required for an adventurous and relaxing camping experience. You can expect this camper to be more luxurious.

360-Degree Views:

Double-pane glass windows offering a 360-degree view provide a beautiful experience of the surrounding landscapes within the vehicle.

Wet Bath:

Unlike Flagship Lt, now supertramp campers have introduced a wet bath in the Megatron camper which ensures more comfort for off-grid camping.

Fully Equipped Kitchen:

This new Supertramp camper offers a fully equipped kitchen, which tends to maximize space and comfort.

Touchscreen Management System:

The new camper introduces a touchscreen management system to control different systems of the camper.

Turnkey Overland Vehicle:

Being a turnkey overland vehicle means that the Megatron is ready for adventure straight off the production line. It does not require any more modifications to hit the overland.

Innovative Suspension System:

It has an innovative suspension system to provide ride comfort, stability, and performance. It ensures that the vehicle can handle various terrains with ease.

So, if you are planning to have a more luxurious truck camper that is super lightweight, then you can expect the Supertramp Megatron to be your dream camper for the next camping season.

black supertramp megatron truck camper on a black truck, ready to launch.

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