Fresh cup of Camping Coffee brewed in the wild

Camping Coffee: Ways To Brew And Best Camp Coffee Makers

The importance of a good cup of coffee during camping trips cannot be overstated. It’s not just about getting your caffeine fix; it’s also about the experience and ritual that come with it. From rich camping coffee brewing methods to easy camping coffee hacks, we are sharing every possible way for you to enjoy a good cup in the wild.

For years, we have been experimenting with different brewing methods, from old to new, progressive ways. From simple cowboy boiling methods to pressure-brewing expresso methods, each has its unique taste and aroma. From steeping and dripping to cold brewing, there are lots of choices that you want to give a try.

Importance Of Coffee For Campers:

  • Coffee provides an energy boost that is much needed for outdoor activities such as hiking or exploring.
  • It helps to keep you alert and focused, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature surrounding you.
  • Coffee has a way of bringing people together, even in the wilderness. It’s a shared experience that can foster connections and create memories.
  • Whether you’re sitting around a campfire with friends or enjoying some quiet solitude by yourself, savoring that perfect cup of coffee can enhance your camping experience.

Understanding Coffee Beans And Roast Types:

Let’s look at the various sorts of coffee beans that exist, each with its own unique qualities and origins. There is a bean for every coffee lover’s palate, from the delicate and floral notes of Arabica beans to the powerful and more bitter and robust flavors of Robusta beans.

But it doesn’t stop there; once picked, these exquisite beans are transformed through the art of roasting. The roast type is critical in determining the ideal flavor profile of your drink. Each roast variety provides a distinct experience, whether it’s a light roast, medium roast, or dark roast.

Light Roast:

Light roasting maintains the bean’s natural flavor, resulting in a brighter, more acidic flavor.

Medium Roast:

Medium roasts find a balance by providing a greater body and flavor profile.

Dark Roast:

Dark roast brings forth rich caramelized flavors. It produces powerful, smokey, and frequently roasted characteristics with lesser acidity.

So grasp your favorite mug and prepare for a fragrant journey as we explore the exciting world of coffee beans and roast styles.

Grinding Coffee For Various Brewing Methods:

Matching your grind size to your brewing method is a coffee secret handshake. It avoids the “too weak” or “too bitter” coffee blues, guaranteeing your cup of joe is just right for your camping trip.

Coarse Grinds For French Press:

Use coarse grinds if you’re using a French press. They function like a magic wand, extracting strong, robust flavors without making your coffee bitter. Plus, they’re really forgiving, so no worries about over-extraction here!

Medium Grind For Versatile Brewing:

When in doubt, go with medium grinds for versatile brewing. They’re ideal for drip coffee machines and pour-overs as it provide the perfect combination of flavor and body. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Fine Grind For Expresso And Aeropress

Fine grinds are ideal for quick extraction methods such as espresso or AeroPress. They perform flawlessly, producing rich and concentrated brews that are brimming with flavor.

Water Quality And Temperature:

Brewing with water that is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 and 96 degrees Celsius) ensures optimal extraction. Too hot and the coffee will scorch, resulting in bitterness; too cold and the coffee will not extract enough, resulting in a weak, disappointing brew. Anyone with a brain believes that tap water can ruin your coffee.

Pressure-brewing coffee produces a thick and powerful cup of coffee. This process includes forcing hot water through coffee grounds under pressure, which extracts more taste and aroma from the beans.

Here we guide you through the most convenient brewing methods using pressure:

Expresso Machines For Camping

Expresso machines for camping coffee. bellnan's CX25p, Mukka pot, Flair, Piccopresso

When it comes to pressure brewing, the first thing that comes in mind is the expresso, which is the most famous and in-demand coffee brewing method. We will now guide you on how you can expect the same convenient ways of making coffee while camping in the wild.

Here are some portable and easy-to-use expresso machines that can be used anywhere in camping without electricity.

Bellnan’s CX25P

Bellman’s CX25P device goes straight on your gas top and makes the most delicious expresso and latte. It has a pressure gauge and a streamer as well for cappuccino or latte. It’s enough for two cups, and it is my top favorite expresso machine for camping, especially if you own a trailer or camper.

Mukka Pot by Bialetti

You put the milk on the top part and expresso grinds underneath and put it on the stovetop. As the pressure builds up it infuses with the milk and heats up. Now its ready to put all in one cup and your latte is ready. It’s not a delicious as Bellman’s, but it’s easy to make on the go. Don’t confuse it with that traditional moka pot method, we will discuss it later. Get it on Amazon.

Flair Signature Pro

Flair Signature Pro is very beautiful and easy to carry. It has a pressure gauge. You can fit 18 gms of coffee in it. The machine is very well designed and compact and makes the best expresso shots.


Picopresso is a major upgrade of Nanopresso. It’s an 18-gram basket that makes an exquisite quality of coffee. It’s much easier to use and clean. It’s also coming up with a pressure gauge wow…

Moka Pot

If you want a cheaper solution for your expresso cravings or you are camping in a group and want to enjoy your cup of joe on a fireside with your friends, the moka pot is the easiest and simplest way out. It produces a sharp and strong taste of coffee, enough for 4 to 16 people.

maxi moka pot

Maxi Moka Pot

Suitable for all kinds of stoves, including wood stoves, the Maxi Moka Pot, is an ideal choice for backpacking and camping.

Pour water into the bottom, sandwich coffee between two filters, tighten the top, and set it on the stovetop. You’ll have 5 ounces of coffee ready in a matter of minutes.

Maxi Moka Pot always remains in my backpack as essential camping and hiking gear, as I cannot imagine camping without it. It’s a single serving, good for solo camping.

Cautions: Always brew on low flame, as the gear is highly lightweight and can collapse on high heat.

Grosche Milano

It is a stovetop Moka pot percolator and makes 3, 6, and 9 cups of rich expresso Moka coffee.

The Stovetop Espresso Maker is a coffee connoisseur’s dream, providing an authentic and robust coffee experience anywhere in the wild or between the mountains. Its classic design, ease of use, and outstanding brewing performance make it a must-have for anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee while camping.

One common complaint I have about Moka Pots is that they are extremely flimsy, particularly in the handle. I’m happy to report that this product does not have this problem. Of course, it also makes excellent coffee. Get it on Amazon.


The mobile coffee community admires AeroPress for its ease of use, rapidity, and superior brew quality. It makes routine coffee, cold brew, and espresso with just three components. In less than a minute, you may expect a clean, rich, and smooth brew. It’s ideal for travelers and coffee lovers.

The AeroPress is a game changer for camp coffee connoisseurs, with two primary methods available: the official top-down method and the popular inverted method for a much richer coffee experience.

The official top-down approach is simple, efficient, and quick, connecting perfectly with the AeroPress ethos. It’s a bit of a rebellion for the inverted method, which is popular among baristas and enthusiasts. It entails flipping the AeroPress upside down to give you more control and a more personalized coffee experience, with timing in your hands.

Aeropress go camp full kit with the box

Aeropress Go Travel

For the past five years, we’ve relied on the AeroPress for its versatility and compactness.

The best thing about it is that the Aeropress Go is much more portable. Metal filters are also available, which helps reduce waste. Enjoy rich, smooth coffee wherever you go.

The best thing about it, in my humble experience, is that it eliminates the coffee acid.

Steeping Camp Coffee

Steeping is just another simple process of brewing where you first mix the coffee grinds with the hot water to let them sit and add flavor to the water. Once you get the desired flavor, dump the wet coffee grinds. Steeping time is the most crucial thing. Over-steeping or under-steeping may ruin your coffee.

Let’s discuss some easy-to-go steeping methods for your camping adventure.

French Press

The French press is a camper’s favorite companion when it comes to brewing coffee in the wilderness. It’s simple and dependable, making it ideal for a rustic coffee experience. To make French press camping coffee, you’ll need the press, coarsely ground coffee beans, and hot water at the appropriate temperature.

Expect an exclusive, full-bodied flavor unlike any other. The French press allows the coffee grounds to bond with the water, producing a brew with deep, rich flavors and a pleasant, sedimentary texture. You can also make large pots of coffee to fuel your adventures and bond with fellow campers over the comforting, campfire-brewed goodness.

Enfmay French press coffee maker with its usage and components labels

Enfmay French Press Thermo

During our vacation in Poland (where the French press is widely used), we returned to our roots by using a French press. This stainless steel model has impressed us. The flavor of the coffee is robust and aromatic. Preparation and cleanup are simple, and the pot looks elegant and stylish on the camping coffee table.

The amount of coffee is enough for four large cups and is more than enough for two people. I bought this model for a van vacation as well, and I’m very pleased with it. Get it on Amazon.

The only disadvantage is that I cannot remove the filters for thorough cleaning. As a result, when the filters become defective, they cannot be replaced. This flaw, however, does not affect its usability.

Stanely all in one french press coffee maker 3 pieces

Stanley Boil + Brew French Press

I was gifted this cup as a Christmas gift and I loved it. It takes up no counter space and produces 2-3 cups of excellent coffee.

You simply put ground coffee in the bottom, add hot water, use the coffee press, wait 1-3 minutes, and pour out a delicious cup of ground-free coffee. Also ideal for travel and camping.

“The stainless steel cup is very sturdy. You can heat the water directly in the stainless steel cup, eliminating the need for an additional pot. The inner cup also acts as a thermal barrier against rapid cooling.

When the inner cup is warm, it slides easily but sticks when it is cool; coarser coffee grinds work well with the filter. Also, don’t boil the water only bring it to a simmer. Get it on Amazon.

Cooking System Integrated With A French Press Attachment

The fitted French press system for Windburner and Jetboil stoves is a lightweight and practical solution. It eliminates the need for additional equipment, such as a coffee maker, saving weight and space in your backpack. It’s ideal for minimalist backpackers looking for a quick coffee fix on their outdoor adventures.

YouTube video

Get a coffee press with integrated stoves.

Coffee Bags

A coffee bag made specifically for camping is the perfect companion for those who enjoy both adventure and a tasty cup of coffee. These bags contain pre-measured chunks of ground coffee, which are frequently sealed in individual filter bags. With this amazing solution, you may activate your adventurous spirit and boost your coffee experience.

Just heat water, pour it over the coffee bag, and steep it like a tea bag for 4-8 minutes. Not only are these coffee bags convenient and lightweight, but they also eliminate the need for additional coffee-making machinery. Take advantage of the convenience and freedom.

Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee is my favorite instant coffee brand, and it’s available in different rich flavors. The breakfast blend makes an amazing cup of coffee for an energizing start to my lazy camp mornings.

Chamberlain Coffee bags

Chamberlain Coffee

Chamberlain coffee comes in many different flavors, and each flavor is worth trying. Social Dog is my favorite, as it satisfies my most sensitive taste buds.

DIY Coffee Bags

DIYing your own coffee bags for coffee is super simple. To make your coffee bags for camping, fill filter bags with the desired amount of medium- to fine-ground coffee. Use string or clips to secure them. Simply immerse the bag in hot water to steep before enjoying your freshly brewed coffee while camping.

Homyhee No Mess Cold Brew Coffee Filters

Ayevision Coffee Filter Paper Bag Hanging Ear

Soft Brew

Invented in 2010, SoftBrew is said to be an easier version of the French press with a more technical filter. It’s just like a teapot with an advanced filter with millions of tiny, tiny holes that can allow even the finest particles to pass through.

Sowden Soft Brew

Sowden SoftBrew makes coffee easy. Simply pour in hot water and wait 4-8 minutes for hot water and overnight for cold brew. You can use any grind size. It’s similar to a cleaner French press, with a special filter allowing tiny grounds to add depth and flavor. It does not require any barista skills and aims for a no-fuss camping experience.

Pour-over and drip coffee methods are becoming increasingly popular in the camping world. New and innovative pour-over devices pop up on a regular basis. We’ve compiled a list of in-demand camping pour-over brewers, though keeping it up-to-date is difficult.

We’ll go through pour-over techniques, cold brews, slow dripping, and other techniques, assuming you’re starting with whole beans for that fresh, campfire coffee experience.

Hario V60

Hario brewer

For campers who are not instant coffee fans, the Haro V60 is the perfect device for them. It’s lightweight and great for quick, drip-style coffee while camping or backpacking.

The Hario V60 is simple to use. Add a paper filter and coffee grounds. Brewing time should be around 5 minutes. For a rich, non-bitter brew, use a medium-fine grind. It’s user-friendly and customizable, making it ideal for those on the go, such as campers and travelers. Get it at Amazon.

Katila Wave Brewer

Katila Wave brewer pour over coffee making at camping

The stainless steel Katila wave brewer is the best choice for camping and backpacking. The Kalita Wave Dripper competes with the Hario V60 by providing a simple, flat-bed dripping system for a consistently good brew. It’s quick, taking only 3 minutes to grind with a fine grind.

Expect rich, clean coffee. Its user-friendly design means there is little room for error, making it ideal for pour-over enthusiasts looking for an affordable and dependable brew. Consider the Hario V60 if you prefer more control.

Vietnamese Phin

The Vietnamese dripper, or ‘Phin,’ is a no-fuss option for solo campers, producing coffee in 4-5 minutes with a fairly coarse grind.

It produces a distinct brew that is smoother than a French press and has a rich, full-bodied flavor, hence being ideal for camping without the use of complicated techniques for an energetic day.

For ice coffee lovers, Vietnamese drippers make the best cold coffee.

Clever Dripper

Clever dripper coffee maker

The Clever Dripper is another portable pour-over coffee maker that is good for traveling. The Clever Dripper is a one-of-a-kind coffee brewer that combines features of the French press and pour-over methods.

It has a clever valve that regulates the flow of water into your cup. You steep your coffee and then drain it when it’s done. It allows for customization but has mixed reviews in terms of taste.

It is suitable for beginners but may not satisfy those looking for high quality. Suitable for pour-over fans looking for a bit of variety, but not for those who prefer higher-end equipment even for camping.

Cold Brew

A new addition to the cold brew, but on the healthier side, is the nitro cold brew, which is very light and creamy. If you are a cold brew fan, you will love it.

Nitro cold brew can for at a campsite

Nitro coffee, as the title describes, is a cold-brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen. It has a distinct, crisp, and slightly sweet flavor, similar to a creamy beer. It is less acidic, sweeter, and has more caffeine than common cold brew. It typically contains 180–200 mg of caffeine.

You can build your own system if you’re a DIY fanatic, but it takes time. The result is a cold coffee that is instant, frothy, and energizing. Perfect for fans of cold brew, but not for those who prefer hot, plain coffee. It’s a great choice for camping in the summer.

It is easily available in cans. If you are a cold brew fan, just grab some canned nitro cold brews, and you will be done with your camping caffeine needs all day. I usually do that during summer camping, and it’s more than satisfactory.

Here are some of the best Niro cold brew brands that are tried and trusted:

High Brew Nitro Cold Brew

Caveman Cold brew

New Mexico Pinon coffee nitro cold brew

All the previously discussed fancy coffee brewing techniques are entertaining and allow you to experiment with your brew, but don’t overlook the most basic method, boiling coffee. You only need water, heat, and coffee grounds. So, why complicate things?

And here’s a quick look at the two most popular methods: the Turkish method (definitely worth a try) and the cowboy method (save this one for a true coffee emergency).

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy making cowboy coffee in wild with cattle on campfire

The original campfire brew is cowboy coffee. It requires no frills or gadgets. All you need is a pot, some water, some coffee, and a campfire. Bring water to a boil, add the grounds, steep for a few minutes, and then pour gently. It’s not the fastest, but it does the job.

Remember: Only boil water; never boil your coffee.

You don’t need any special skills; if you know how to boil water, you are ready to go. It is ideal for budget campers looking for a wild, outdoorsy coffee experience. Just keep an eye out for settling grounds at the bottom, and you’ll be brewing like a cowboy in no time.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee has a long history dating back to the Ottoman Empire and is known for its bold flavor. It’s a quick process, taking 3–4 minutes to make one cup in a special pot. The grind should be almost powdery, resulting in a highly aromatic and thick brew.

Turkish` coffee boiling on hot sand

While it’s simple to make, it’s not for those who prefer a clean, clear flavor. It’s a great option if you want strong, black coffee with a strong aroma, but be careful not to overheat it.

Turkish people boil it on hot sand, and it tastes amazing. I had this amazing sand-brewed Turkish coffee last summer while camping in Dubai’s desert along with my friends and found it to be an enjoyable coffee adventure.

This method does not work on induction stoves and may result in some sediment at the end of the brew, making it unique but not for everyone.

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is our favorite and trusted coffee brand.

Try this amazing brew with the more traditional Trukish coffee pot, a stovetop coffee maker ideal for camping that delivers authentic Turkish vibes even in the wild.

6 Easy Camping Coffee Hacks

Instant Coffee:

During lazy camping days, you can still enjoy and feel the campfire brew by using instant coffee packets as your camping hack. You have a steaming cup of coffee ready to kickstart your day. Here are some of the best tried and tested instant coffee brands for you:

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Verve Street-Level Blend

Voila Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Fair Trade

Brooklyn blend

Canyon Gedeb Ethiopian signal origin instant coffee

Prepare Cold Brew Concentrate At Home

For those who love cold brew even in the wilderness, try making cold brew concentrate ahead of time at home and bring it with you in an insulated container. This way, all you need to do is dilute it with water when you’re ready for that refreshing caffeine boost.

Make Your Own Emergency Coffee Filter

Don’t forget about the power of improvisation when it comes to camping coffee hacks. If you don’t have any specialized equipment on hand, get creative! Use a clean sock as an impromptu filter for making cowboy-style coffee over an open flame, or try steeping coarsely ground beans directly in hot water like tea.

Pre-Measure Your Coffee Grounds

Insulated Coffee Mug

The best practice for keeping your cup of joe refreshing and warm for longer, always use insulated coffee mugs. In the chilly mornings and winter night these insulated mugs are coffee savers.

Yeti Rembler Vaccum Insulated Mug

Most people are impressed by the Yeti mug’s light but sturdy construction. It effectively keeps beverage temperatures stable and is dishwasher safe. While secure, the magnetic slider lid is easily removable for cleaning.

Now I can enjoy my travel coffee for a longer time. It doesn’t feel warm outside. The best part, its available in many different funky colors. Get it on Amazon.

GSI Outdoor Infinity Mug

This lightweight GSI coffee mug has a tight seal that keeps coffee hot. It’s useful for measuring water and meals, but the handle isn’t comfortable to hold and only serves as a clip attachment. Its sturdy construction, tight-fitting lid, and leak-resistant sip hole cover make it the best choice for all my backpacking trips.

Portable Camping Coffee Grinders

If you are very particular about the taste of your outdoor coffee, the coffee grinder is the must have for your camping and backpacking. Try carrying a good lightweight portable coffee grinder that does not require electricity. Here are some of the best portable coffee grinders for you:

Snow Peak Field Barista Grinder

It is both lightweight and dependable. When folded for travel, I like how the wooden handle clicks onto the bottom. It has a nice hand feel. Get it on Amazon.

VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

Very lightweight and portable. You can achieve all three types of grinds; coarse, medium, and fine ground. The capacity is low but best for camping and backpacking. Get it on Amazon.

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